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    Pokemon Your Lucky Catch of the Day!

    Found a Ponyta with over 800 CP in a nearby neighborhood (within a half mile away from my house). Though I went through my Great Balls and a lot of Pokeballs, I still managed to catch it. My best catch was a drive by 900 CP Snorlax last month (I was the passenger). I think I caught it on...
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    Pokemon Your worst luck ever!

    Last weekend, I was at a Geodude nest, trying to get enough Candy for Golem. I'm almost there when I accidently evolve a weaker Geodude, wasting 25 candies. I go back later that day and there's no Geodude, then it starts pouring rain. I run back to my car and that's when the Geodude start...
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    Pokemon Your worst luck ever!

    For the first time, I managed to take a gym for more than 21 hours. I was minutes away from collecting my second rewards from that gym when I ended up getting the blank screen. I still have the gym, I just can't collect the rewards. A few hours later, I'm able to access the shop, but I no...
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    Discussion Most Dissapointing TCG Set

    This is tough because some sets were disappointing when the cards were spoiled, but actually playing with the cards changed my mind. While others had promising spoilers, but weren't as fun in actual gameplay. The latter was the problem with Primal Clash and Breakthrough. Both had a lot of...
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    Pokemon What is the Most Plentiful Pokemon in Your Area?

    Pidgey, Ratatta, and Weedle. I don't mind Pidgey and Weedles because they're easy to evolve for exp. Eevee is also surprisingly common.
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    2017 Format Rotation Announced!

    This is for the best. Night March and Trevenant can go to hell.
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    Discussion Metagame After Rotation

    I'm assuming a PC on rotation. Serperior should still be good. It doesn't lose anything essential except for Muscle Band (which could still be reprinted). Fighting decks should be fine too. It loses a lot of good stuff (Korrina being the biggest loss), but it keeps the essentials. The...
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    Blog Steamy Surprises: An In-Depth Look at Steam Siege and Worlds

    Ninja Boy could also work with stage 1 evolutions. You can tech in a 1-1 line of something (like an Eeveelution from Ancient Origins). Instead of being forced to put down the weak basic for a turn, you can switch it out with one of your other basics and evolve right away. It saves bench space...
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    Blog The Elusive Shaymin-EX in the PTCGO

    TCG one is good, but unfortunately, a few of the newer cards are glitched right now. There's this bug that says you don't have enough energy to use an attack even when you clearly do. Very annoying. Hope it gets fixed soon. I haven't played PTCGO in years (stupid firewall), but making...
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    Discussion Viability of SS Clawitzer

    Golbat's been reprinted in Generations (though not Crobat)
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    Discussion Viability of SS Clawitzer

    I wonder how viable Clawitzer BREAK + Delta Plus Pokemon could be (Either Articuno or Swellow). Or you could just keep them in a retreat lock (could be effective against fairy and Manaphy EX decks which rely on manual retreating)
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    Water Toolbox - Seismitoad-EX / Manaphy-EX / Articuno

    I've used Suicune. It's not bad, but there are better things to run, like Palkia EX.
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    Discussion Viability of Genesect-EX

    Both Genesects are good, but I'm assuming you're talking about the metal one? It's one of the better attackers to pair with Bronzong. I like to run it with Zoroark, but I just realized that I don't need to. The ability means I only need one float stone to switch out every turn. And I can...
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    Discussion Regirock-EX: a liability?

    High retreat cost + expensive attack = huge potential liability against Trev BREAK. All they'd have to do is Lysander up a benched Regi and it's stuck there while they silent fear their way to victory. This seems like something that should be teched against. I'm thinking either running more...