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Competitive VG Guru, Male, from East Coast, US


Not going to lie, I love @Celever 's profile picture :P Oct 28, 2015

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Jul 10, 2017
    1. Prince Dedenne
    2. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      Yup ready when you are
    3. Drohn
      Thank you! :D (It's because of the new avatar, hehe.)
    4. Uralya
      Hey, PhantomHaze, would you mind elaborating on your post in the Greninja thread please? I don't want to remove it because every opinion is valuable, but just saying that you're against it doesn't help much.
    5. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      Sure ! I will be online in 5 minutes
    6. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      We were supposed to trade now but you are not online. Let me know if you still want Rayquaza
    7. Celever
      Whoops, sorry for PMing you when you ended up getting the battle done just after that >_>
    8. Ice Espeon
      Ice Espeon
    9. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      You're welcome :)
    10. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      OK I am online
    11. Cynical Fanfares
      Cynical Fanfares
      [b]PhantomHaze[/b], I am very interested in that Skarmory. I have a 5IV Shiny Slowbro Level 54, if that will work?
    12. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      If you are able to buy them both then why not ? :) I am going to buy both games too
    13. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      You're welcome :)
    14. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      Thank you :) I want to give you one after I will clone it if you want :D
    15. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      [b]PhantomHaze[/b], There isn't a set elite four for shuffle 2, only for shuffle 1. You can make an elite four trainer. You can post it in the shuffle 2 thread.
    16. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      [b]PhantomHaze[/b], glad that you want to help! It's not that difficult, it just depends on what you want to do. A good way to get a feel of what to do is to go to the original Pokedex 2.0 Region Thread and look at the entries there. You can copy and paste an entry and make changes depending on what you want to have. For beginners, it's a good idea to start out with making a trainer, as that is less work that making a route. An elite four trainer is probably the best to start out with as they have a defined team: level 62-64 Pokemon. You don't need to worry about location as well. Good trainer mugshots can be found for your trainer here ---->

      tl;dr: The best way for beginners to get in is to design a trainer. Look at previous entries for an idea of what your layout should look like.
    17. Ice Espeon
      Ice Espeon
      [b]PhantomHaze[/b], Don't worry, it was my fault with getting the URL tags wrong :p

      It works now :)
    18. zurikitty13
      Regarding our trade, I'll take a shiny 5 IV torchic in return.
    19. Pinkie
      [b]PhantomHaze[/b], Thank you :)
    20. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      I am ready to trade :)
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    I live on the East Coast of the U.S. and I am currently in high school. I've played Pokemon since before I can remember, but don't have any IRL friends that do. PokeBeach is where I talk to people about it :)! I love breeding Pokemon for competitive use and do it for fun mainly. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life, maybe Computer Technology or something to do with Sports!




    Friend Code: 4468-1161-8536
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