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  • ~Passion~, I swear that graffiti thing hates me... Couldn't get the pen thing to work again after I pushed something else accidentally... >.>
    ~Passion~, I don't even know how that whole thing works to be honest. I don't want to be like video/audio chatting and not even realize it. If you want to help me out I suppose you can, but yeah, I don't want you to be trapping me into something I don't want to be doing either.
    ~Passion~, Alrighty, sounds great. I don't really care if we use Pokebeach Chat but I suppose if we could that'd be neat. PMing always works fine in my opinion as well. Either way, I just need to release my excitement...


    Oh and you should probably let me know when I should expect you.
    ~Passion~, Oh I see. I'm happy to say that I feel the exact same way. Even when things seem as if they may be falling apart you've got to find something to look up to or else it only makes it more difficult.

    Moving away from that topic a bit. Is there any chance I can expect us to be able to contact each other at some point tonight, or are you not going to have access to your 3DS then?
    Look at you being all on and offline. I don't know whether you're going to just disappear and I won't talk to you for a while or if everything's just going to be how it normally is, hah.

    Or maybe I should just say you keep coming back because you can't get enough of me. Either way, everything's going to be allllrriightt, even if it doesn't quite look that way at first. :]
    ~Passion~, I am now, but not like that's really the best idea in the first place. There'd probably be much too many distractions for you to actually have a semi-decent conversion.
    We like NEED to talk this evening. I should be on around 6 and anytime past that. Hope you're having a great day!
    ~Passion~, Oh, glad I decided to check Pokebeach just now. >.< I'll check Swapnote in a moment. And feel free to PM me if you have more to say. That'd probably work best for me if that's alright with you.
    ~Passion~, I don't recall doing so in the past. Have I? Just seems a little odd to be "horrified" that you can't read about yourself...
    ~Passion~, So you look at my bio just to read about yourself? You might have a bit of an ego problem, being less self-centered may be a good idea. But yeah, feel free to be "horrified", the nice things and everything else are away on vacation.
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