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  • Ophie, 180 miles? Yeah, that's fair. I was fortunate enough to find out that Jared (who I carpooled with) has family up there, and I was able to stay up there; all I had to do in return really was split the cost of gas 50-50.

    Ah well, I can still see you around Long Beach in the future!
    Ophie, heh, I thought so. Jared and I left right after Swiss ended as well, but we said a few final goodbyes before leaving. That's probably why we didn't catch you - his match went near to the end of Round 9 and thus we had to stay that long.

    I already want it to be next year so I can go up there again :D
    You left before I had a chance to say goodbye!
    Ah well - how'd you two enjoy your day?
    Awesome! I want you to flag me down... I'll be wearing a creeper hat, and I'll have a playmat with Gardevoir and Lelouch vi Britannia (look it up if you don't know) and it'll say "Zero" on the top of the playmat. My hair is long and black :) I would like to meet you. So... yeah... flag me down... I don't bite... much :p
    Ophie, I'm aware of the roots and that they sound similar in English. However, since a logarithm can be considered a form of 'pattern' in the way it is constructed, that could be considered a sort of 'rhythm'.

    That's why, weird person that I am, I like seeing the word 'logarithm' with an extra 'hy' in it.
    I'm aware, but that is a rhythm of its own, isn't it? I've always seen it like that.
    Then again, it's probably just a weird quirk of mine.
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