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  • Nengeni,

    A novel, all in one month. It's an adventure about this kid who has imaginary friends.
    Nengeni, it would've been like the 50th time I hit 5,000 posts; I only have 4,999.
    Oh, just noticed that Blui-29 posted another werewolf thread. Is there a limit on how many games can go on at once?
    Okay, storyline. Any ideas?
    And I have a few role ideas, I can PM them to you when I get them typed up.
    Sure, I can do that. Do you want to just make it a traditional Mafia and have just a priest and policeman, or add more roles as well? And do you want to make up a storyline or just keep it simple? I think we could just do a simple small town, maybe add an element of magic in? Any ideas?
    I think I can manage that, Maybe we can show people that co-hosting can work out...
    "The posted entries gaining the most likes will be featured on Facebook and our main page!"

    You like it but then you feel so upset about pressing like... It's weird. ;P And kinda insulting to be honest.
    DNA, I have Black and White and wifi, if you still want help.
    If this is about the Join Avenue comment, I'm actually all good to go now, but thanks for offering.
    Nengeni, I haven't a clue. My parents just don't want me on chats. (Took them a while. I've only been going on the chat for THREE years.)
    Nengeni, Tomorrow, preferably. I'll let you know when. If I can't play tomorrow, you get the win.
    Nengeni, I believe right now it's set in stone - there is no option on the User CP to change it. I suppose Mark could be asked to add a little tweak to it so you could adjust the # of comments per page, but for now it's fixed at 10.
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