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  • matthatter,
    I raise a lot of mixed types too. I just prefer Grass Types. I like the fact that Grass is weak to Fire. I love the astonished look on peoples' faces when I annihilate their Fire team with my Grass Team.

    Which fossil are you going to choose?
    I'm going to choose Amaura! Between its evolution Auroras and its move Freeze Dry (an Ice Type move that's super effective against Water Type), it's amazing!

    How do you feel about Steel losing its resistance to Dark and Ghost but becoming super effective against Fairy?
    Metagross is a worthy adversary. I've trained many.
    My absolute favorite Pokemon is Torterra.
    I can so beat Fire Teams with my Grass Teams.
    Welcome to Pokebeach!
    What do you think of the Gen VI Pokemon?
    What do you think of Quilladin?
    What's your favorite Type?

    The only Gen VI Pokemon that I don't just absolutely love is Tyrantram.
    I love Chespin and Quilladin.
    My favorite type is Grass!
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