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  • alright, bringing up PO now. I'm on the DarkVoltage Server (no one else is there)

    Edit (12:33 EST/11:33CST): It appears I missed you by nanoseconds yet again... I'll try again tomorrow...
    Unfortunately I'm in class now until about 11 EST (10 CST) I'm free on Tuesday and Friday though (alternatively I could battle in the morning Wednesday or after 6 EST Thursday) scratch that. I'm back
    alright, I have church in the morning, but we should be able to work something out after. the "Local Time:" listed on your profile puts you in CST it seems (let me know if that's not right), so let me know when's good for you then.
    it appears I'm your opponent for the Standard OU mini tourney. I should be available later today (around 5PM EST) but I can set up a better time if you need it. PS hates me for some reason (It never uses the move I tell it to... seriously...) although I have PO and I know a few servers we could use for the battle, seeing as the official PO server for PB hasn't been up in weeks.
    I know who you are and I WILL not refrain from giving you a hug you piece of shit
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