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    Fall Tag Team Tins Also Feature Garchomp/Giratina and Mew/Mewtwo-GX!

    Not much of a collector, but i really want garchomp-giratina. It's such an awesome artwork.
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    News Japan's SM4+ Set: 'GX Battle Boost!'

    Huh. Weird. I was sure possesed/poisoned lusamine would get it's own card. Kinda like Lysandre's Trump Card.
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    News New Ultra Beast, Ultra Recon Squad, and Ultra Space Travel Revealed!

    If they fix the online mode to where you could play in the overworld like in XY/ORAS and fix the glaring frame rate issues, i might consider getting this one. SuMo was fine, but a bit of a letdown imo.
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    News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

    I'm still kind of new to the ptcg (or maybe not, i started playing when breakthrough was coming out so idk). Was there ever a good primeape card? Not like tournament winning or something like that, but at least decent.
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    Standard Electivire/Electrode/Koko

    I know. It's why i showed 2 deck list. The second deck list is not meant for post rotation. It's meant for the current rotation.
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    Standard Electivire/Electrode/Koko

    This is a fun little lightning deck i came up with for TCGO for post rotation. The point of the deck is basically to set up Electivire for one shots. Below I talk about my experience*, the point of each card and its strength and weaknesses. Pokémon: 18 1 Victini GRI 2 Electabuzz BUS 2...
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    Wi-Fi Trades Looking for Regenerator Mareanie

    @Blakers yeah. It says your FC is invalid though, you should probably check that.
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    Wi-Fi Trades Looking for Regenerator Mareanie

    Hey. I've got a few i could trade. Just trade me anything you don't want. FC: 1951-0110-5362
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    News Strengthening Expansion Pack, Best of XY Pack, and Ash VS Team Rocket Deck!

    Huh. Look at that. FA Hex Maniac. Ask and ye shall receive i suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Did not expect to see so many other supporters get full arts though. I really like the delinquent and shauna one. Unpopular opinion, but i honestly hope we don't get what basically amounts to XY-era 2 here. It's not...
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    Discussion Name your Favorite Deck in Each Category.

    Expanded: Florges EX Standard: Vespiquen/Yanmega For Fun: Mega Ampharos/Electrode or Bisharp/Eeveelutions
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    News First 'The Best of XY' News, Reprinted Cards

    While we're at it, can we get FA Hex Maniac too?
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    Standard Budget - Sharpedo (SM) / Alolan Dugtrio (SM)

    Been playing sharpedo/dugtrio a little and here are some things i noticed. Manaphy ruins your strategy. As soon as it hits the bench any pokemon with water energy will only receive 60 damage. Same goes for float stone. Exp. Share is great for this deck i've found. Rough skin is an awesome...
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    Pokémon Generations - New Animated Series of Shorts!

    The japanese pokemon youtube channel has episodes 1 to 6 for anyone interested in watching it in japanese (not sure why it took this long though).
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    Discussion What customization are you looking forward to?

    *Version exclusive clothing and dye shops*. What the actual hell Gamefreak. Different Clothes on different days was annoying, but at least you're guaranteed to get all of them if you're patient enough. But this is just ridiculously stupid. Although it's possible to get these clothes/dye from...
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    News Datamine Leak Discussion - Spoiler Warning

    Have they found out how and in which amount you can get bottle caps (the hyper training item)? I'd hate it if these were limited like master ball and pp max.