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  • Hey! :) I am going for Fennekin, but I'm planning to get both games and trade the other two to my main game as soon as I can! What about you?
    Hey! This post explains where you can continue your discussion about the rumors! In order to keep the forums organized it's best to keep everything in the appropriate threads. :) Let me know if you have questions or concerns! ;)
    Haha, you know? I'll pick Chespin in my Y version...and i hope to get my X version in the coming months after getting my, in X i'll start with Fennkin (just like you xD)...i'm getting Y first cause i really like Yveltal, and Chespin is my favorite kalos starter :D...this is going to be the first time i chose a Grass starter o_o
    Great! Hoenn is my favorite too (obviously xD)...and my favorite game is, wich starter will you choose in Kalos?
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