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  • Phoenix29, Haha, it's okay, I understand but now it's quite late ^^' I wanted to use it on my first playthrough but I used Charizard as a HM Slave instead (who does that?) xD I only wanted to use new Pokémon on my team and didn't want to repeat Types.
    Hey there, how's it going? ^^
    I'm not sure if you remember but we talked about trading between Clauncher and Skrelp... is that still up or did you "betray" me already? =P
    I'm going with Dragalge on my team but I'm getting X so... yeah! xD
    By the way, when are you getting the game? I'll get mine "tomorrow" (midnight release). =D
    Phoenix29, I've become a bit of a fairy type fanboy so I'm definetly set on X. Originally, I planned on getting Y because of Yveltal, but Xerneas grew on me so much and since it's a fairy type I've gotta have it!!!
    Phoenix29, I'll be starting with Fennekin (first time using a fire starter since emerald) since it stole my little heart. But I'll be using him in X, and in Y I'll be using Chespin. I just can't find myself to like froakie, I don't know why!! Anyways who will you be using to start your adventure?? :D
    Phoenix29, Thanks!! :D I added you as well if you haven't noticed. Also I noticed you started playing in Gen 3!! Hoenn is hands down my fave region (so far) :D
    Phoenix29, Well, I remember this saying.. "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" I sat there thinking about the passions I had.

    And, I would aspire to live out each and every one of them. And thats exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna keep on giving speeches, writing, drawing, and studying. Because, even if I can fail, I want to say to myself that I tried. And more than that, I want to do whatever I can to help other people realize their dreams and passions.

    You're absolutely right. Dreams empower you.
    I think so too! Thats why I plan to chase writing literature and art all my life. Its just a passion of mine.

    But, I'm really grateful to actors. Without them, we wouldn't have T.V shows, or some game characters would have to be voiceless! Actors are awesome!
    Hello! I see you noticed my profile so I thought I would say hello.
    So, I see your dream is to be an actor, thats awesome!
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