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  • Yeah, I usually made the thread and let other people host it lol. I was leaning towards an AoTW too and like a small prize system
    HolyMackerel, it usually holds up pretty well depending on who the original poster is. the current one is my mistake, because I made i didn't include artists :l
    HolyMackerel, i will not lie, i dont have a well thought out idea yet. In the past the idea was always to make a group for everyone to partake in
    Hey so its pretty obvious the art section is pretty dead, so i was curious if you were interested in my attempt for a revival?
    HolyMackerel, I feel the same way. ...about women, not about men. *hides*

    Anyway, lineart that doesn't suck, you say? May I see it?
    But that's only 6 months at the most, right? So, in essence, you're a third of the way done!
    HolyMackerel, yeah. Most frustrating. But at least you'll still be alive in the end! The suffering is only temporary.
    HolyMackerel, it's not that common, honestly. A lot of people (at least around here) feel it's too short.
    HolyMackerel, is that so? I live in the southwest US too and I haven't really seen that much. Then again, I probably haven't noticed it, either.
    HolyMackerel, mph. That sounds terrible. Fingers crossed that I don't have to deal with a university that uses the quarter system. ._.
    how long have you been doing this? I didn't think high schools went on a quarter system...
    HolyMackerel, does it take the same amount of time to get all the units you need as the semester system, or does it take less?
    because if it's the same, that's going to really suck
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