Heavenly Spoon

Ye Olde Spoon Anthologies

Spoons, spoons
spoons for mews
coz spoons for mews
are spoons for mews
spoons, spoons
oh, spoons
spoons, spoons
what would a mew do
with a spoon
a spoon
oh, a spoon
a mew would use the spoon
the spoon, oh, the spoon
to, yes, to
he'd use it to
eat soup
for spoons
are for eating soup
may your remember
that spoons
are for eating soup
spoons, oh spoons
spoons for mew

Yogurt, oh yogurt
Can be eaten
With spoons
Spoons, oh spoons
Can be used
To eat Yogurt
Spoons, oh spoons
Yogurt, oh yogurt
Soup, oh soup
Mew, oh mew
Life is a circle
A circle full of yogurt
All because of
A spoon

- Thou shall eat soup with spoons [mewas 13;13;13]

- And there it came, out of the depts of earth, sent by the devil, the fork, for it shall be used to spread evil. God said, use spoons, he said, spoons, for they are the one way to defeat what is the Devil's trident. [Mewas 13;7;666]

- And the end shall come to thee, thou who shan't commit to the spoon, thou who shan't eat soup with a spoon, for thee who uses the spoon, thou shalt enter the sanctuary of heavens, and thy shall eat soup, with golden spoons. [The aspooncalypse 1;13,9]

- And they walked along the river, where their eyes met, and a kiss grew, but then, it came, the spoon. [Ayeluvspounz 6;9;13]

- And lo and behold he turned the sea into soup. [Spoonus 2;3;51]

- God said to Mew, Mew, he said, Mew, You must, he said, Bring 2 of every spoon, for you, he said, must survive the great flood, he said, the great flood, he said, of soup, he said, and so he said, Noah, build an ark, I mean, a plate you must, he said, for you must save the spoons, he said. [Mew and the 7 spoons 3;2;1]

- At the horizon of the soupy seas of lake soupos, a yellow twilight formed, clouds were forming circles, like a divine creature was about to show its posture, and it did. It was Spoonelius, angel of spoons, wielding the spoon of faith. [stopidspunstorys 13;8;1]


My greatest contributions to the world of Pokébeach:
- paint flicker gemini quasi dehydrate asparagus SPELUNK
- The Life of Bob
- Me and my Mushroom, a story of friendship.
Sep 12, 1991 (Age: 31)
The cosmos and all the wonders it may hold.
Also spoons.
TCG/VG Accomplishments
I was second at the Belgian Nationals in Seniors once, that's gotta count for something, right?
... Right?

More impressively, I ranked first in one of the 2 Masters grinders at Worlds '08 after the second round (and have pictures to prove it), using what can only be described as a crudely thrown together Butterfree/Venomoth deck with little competitive merit. I made a grown man using an otherwise pretty solid deck furious and it was hilarious. I also won the Ex Crystal Guardians prerelease at worlds '06, so I've got that going for me.
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