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  • Some Loser, damn! That'll be considerably harder to pull off. But I will keep that as an open option.
    Also if anyone can tell me if another person on this site was a mod, got banned, and then unbanned, I'd appreciate it. For posterity.
    After reading that, I am now pondering doing this.
    Question, that has to be a forum ban, right?
    I just want to get good enough at competitive battling to be able to replicate Joseph's "I know what you're going to use next."

    ...I'm crossing Pokemon with way too many things.
    Has anyone drawn a Yamask with a Behelit yet or should I get right on that?
    so i got this game called call of duty... black ops 2?
    it's for my ps3, so in case you want to match, I'm sure I can think of something.
    I want someone to draw Giorno mega evolving Gold Experience into Gold Experience Requiem.
    So I watched Kill La Kill. Glorious. It's like Utena and Gurren Lagann had a love child.
    I forgot to mention that I saw the limited edition of Metal Gear Rising when I went to go pre-order Pokemon Y on Tuesday.
    A steelbook with nothing more than Shinkawa's handiwork on the front. Good lord I almost fell over when I saw it. I had to physically hold myself back and get my pre-order. Gamefreak will never be forgiven for this.
    Do you know if stella womans academy c3 bu or something like that is any good. Something about airsoft and ptsd that starts out moe and becomes dark and depressing. That sounded interesting, and it started last season.
    Some Loser, I'll have to check it out, then. Has pupa or whatever aired yet? That looked like it had potential.
    Some Loser, I will pry that topic from the jaws of death with my own four hands
    That was worse than an IGN article. He couldn't even be bothered to look up Araki's name. I love how he only picks the Pillar Men since no-one else is even remotely revealing. They're like Arabian or something. fml.
    "It's unavoidable that it will not appeal to some audiences."
    "Let me write an entire article on and about me not understanding anything."

    Well, adios!
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