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  • Hi. Can you add me, please? I'm beginning to breed lots of pokemon and I really need dittos for that... FC : 3539 9060 9137. I don't know what type of pokemon I have, sorry...
    Please add me, I have Dragon type, but I don't know what is in there yet. My FC:4038-6748-2207. I have 30 Friend Safari's but not a single one with Ditto yet.
    Could you please add me to your friends list?
    My code is 5343-9413-2123
    I have Steel Type Friend Safari w/ Ferroseed, Forretress, and Excadrill
    Hi there, would you mind adding me if you have room?
    FC is 4141-3421-5353
    Type: Flying
    Thank you!
    Hey, can you add my FC? I'm trying to get perfect IVs on Torchic and I heard that I need Dittos for it.
    My code is 0705-2954-3759 and my Mii name is Alex, but not sure if that matters.
    I have fire types: Braixen, Larvesta, Growlithe
    Hi, I added your FC. Mine is 0490 - 5938 - 2352. (Have Quilladin, Swadloon and Pansage) probably your list is full because of ditto, so if you don't want to add me it's ok.
    Alright, thanks for letting me know then. I have added you and my friend code is 1075-1212-2287
    Would you be willing to swap friend codes? I realize that with a ditto safari your friend list is probably full already, so I'm just asking.
    Thanks for all of your help the last couple of days, with my Reshiphlosion-EX deck and my Durant deck! Oh and I replied to you in my Durant deck thread. :)
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