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  • Hi, can you add me to friend safari please? I have rock type safari and I have dwebble, pupitar and ???. Here is my friend code: 4313-1995-1534.

    No way! You're just a kid! Maybe when you're older!
    Hahahahahaha PanPan is fat!
    He fell on you!
    He's a good bear!
    Hey! Yep, I saw your introductory post when I was posting mine. :D I really like your avatar, did you draw it yourself? Welcome too by the way!
    Yay! Got myself a shiny Japanese Ditto with max IVs in every stat! :D IV breeding is about to get a whole lot easier! I'll have high IV Pokemon for anyone that wants them.
    Fairy Tail yay :D

    I'm one of the ones Drohn got to watch it (I had the Natsu avatar before him though btw ;)).
    Nobody is in trouble, haha! Awesome another Fairy Tail fan! I got a few others on the site into watching the show. It's my favourite anime. :D Do you also read the manga? I started when they went on this break from the anime and wasn't sure whether it would be back. Now I follow both. :p

    Pretty cool that you're studying art. Looking forward to seeing some of your work! I'm really not good with art myself. I'm a big fan of the Pokémon video games and I follow the anime.
    Hello Volt! Welcome to PokéBeach! :D

    I read that you're also an artist. What kind of art do you make? We have Creative Works Forums where members share their art. You can show your art there and comment on the art of others too. :)

    Are you planning to get OR/AS?
    DualVoltage, you weren't bothering me at all! I'll let you know for sure.
    DualVoltage, sorry, my friends list is full right now (mostly people looking for Dittos).
    No worries. It's very easy to forget to do it.
    I forgot for someone else this morning.

    The third pokemon in your safari is Fletchinder.
    Have fun! :)
    Double check make sure the blue circle in the upper right of the orange lower screen has the word "Internet" across it.

    You aren't showing up in my game
    Hey if can get online in the game I can check the third in your safari.
    Hey glad you joined!

    You can post your friend code and look for safaris here:

    There is a search box in the lower left corner of those pages if you want to look for a particular Pokemon.

    Would you like me to check your safari?
    My friend code is 1907-9797-0140
    My safari is Ice: Spheal, Bergmite and Cloyster.

    You can arrange trades and battles here:
    I can vouch for Prince Dedenne.

    You might also be interested in the threads in these forums:

    Oh and if you want to be added to the PokeBeach skype group you can leave a private message for Drohn here:

    Look forward to having you around!
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