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  • DNA, really? That's not what I think. How do you know? Have you watched walkthroughs?

    My favourite music in Pokemon X and Y is the melodic tune 'Got to Get it to Get it' from Pokemon Black Version(2) and Pokemon White Version(2).
    Well, it all depends on how people see things; their way of life determines that. For instance, people may think that many features are a waste, but others, like me, think that these details make the game more realistic and enjoyable.
    DNA, I just sent you a message and you ninja'd my profile. I'm freaking out over your ninja skills ;_;
    DNA, Gens 1, 4 and 5 I am good with. I'm not the best with gen 3. I understand if you do not consider my application, as I'm somewhat new, and I'm only perfected with 5 and am decent with 1 and 4
    Your quote is from the Bible? St. Paul to Romans?
    And yay, I'm back. In time to bid you farewell from here, I believe.
    The Pokemon are both mine and My sisters.

    Wow. I really wish you had Pokemon X or Y. Did you know that I love it so much that I play it every day? Yes, literally EVERY DAY! Even before school starts!
    DNA, no, what did I write? I'm on holidays with my:

    Beloved Level 100 Mewtwo,
    Evil yet kind Level 100 Yveltal,
    A Level 100 Delphox that doesn't believe in magic yet can change weather,
    Two amazing Level 100 Charizard,
    A Kingly Level 100 Tyrantrum
    And a Queenly Level 100 Aurorus,
    A Level 100 Chesnaught who loves to eat,
    Two Level 100 Royal Pyroars, one King and another queen,
    A Level 100 Loyal Furfrou
    and A Level 100 Life-Giving Xerneas.
    I knew you would say that. And I agree. But that doesn't say anything about the actual plot. It's just a summary of episode one.
    *finds le thread and the part where you battle me*

    Oh, nice. You still didn't have to include me in it as a Gym Leader. :p
    DNA, really? I just extracted that from my sisters' speech she had to make and replaced the 'activities' for 'rides'. Anyway, WE'RE ON HOLIDAYS! YIPPEE! Though I miss school already...

    Not yet! I'm gonna wait until my older sister comes home next week, we're gonna play through it together. I do have the game already but I'm distracting myself with Pokemon until I get to play it. :p
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