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  • BleachFreak, I noticed lol, we've actually been on at the same time several times the last few days lol
    Hey bro, your Mii name is Ichimutsu, right? Your last Pokemon is Braixen if that's your Mii name.
    BleachFreak, Oh lol, we'll do it on thursday then. I wasn't home from 3:00 to 3:30 PM today. In fact, I got home 5 minutes after you logged off :L
    How about 9 PM my time on thursday which would be like 3 PM your time?
    BleachFreak, Np, my timezone is GMT+1 so it should be EST-6 I'm pretty sure. I'm home most of the day on thursday after school which ends at 3:15 pm so if you're on like 11pm - 12pm (it is kinda late though) we should be online at the same time.

    Anyways, enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    Hey Bleach, you got fire-types with Magmar, Slugma. I can't see the third pokemon until we're signed in at the same time I think.
    BleachFreak, Sure, I'll add you! I'll go check what pokemon you got in the safari right now
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