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  • dammit bacon now we all have to run dark pulse and not the super sexy crunch .....
    It's not a simple task, but hey, it's more enjoyable when it's a challenge. XD

    Can you code?
    bacon, So the "Fennek" in Fennekin is a reference to the name of a fox species? Interesting, according to wikipedia, the "Fennec Fox" looks to be a desert dwelling, big-eared, nocturnal fox that lives in Africa. Link:

    I think it is worth mentioning that "Vulpes" (hence where Vulpix derives its name) is the genus of the fox species.
    oh, a little bulk sounds nice. like i said before, i can see that spiky little head taking up more of the body as it evolves. i'm predicting something like 85/105/100/85/70/90. maybe a little more special attack, but 85 is still good after a shell smash (+2 is 412 without investment and 538 with). i can definitely see some good physical, mixed, and special shell smash sets working with these stats. wbu?

    it'll be interesting to see what it gets via dream world (if they continue it of course). i can't really think of anything good, but pickpocket (which goes well with the dark-type idea) could have a niche with a shell smash user. setup, use your white herb, attack, steal the foe's leftovers / life orb / hopefully not choice item (although banded +2 stabs sounds sexy powerful). knowing game freak though it's prolly something stupid like shell armor lol.

    jk i want simple and shell smash
    I prefer Fennekin's design over he other basics, but I feel Chespin's evolutions will look far more interesting.
    bacon, I had to go for Chespin. Mainly cause everyone seems to be in love with Fennekin. Don't get me wrong though all the starters are pretty wild this gen. Froakie <3
    bacon, what an understatement lol. Heck yeah it's been a long while. Life's been exceptionally good. I think I found the one, lol. She's a lovely woman. Oh and of course I'm totally ecstatic for this next gen. So I saw your in a bet for best starter evos, I want in! 500 yen on Chespin, please.
    gen 3 sceptile deserves love!

    the best part is that its typing kind of holds it back from being too good with shell smash. hp ground gets walled by skarm, breloom, hydreigon, and ferro. hp fire gets walled by heatran and hydreigon. hp fighting / brick break / superpower is okay i guess! there's also the fact that it's weak to ice shard / mach punch.

    after talking about this, i hope they don't give it poop stats. then again, anything that gets shell smash / quiver dance is good no matter what (see: butterfree, carracosta, hell even deapseatooth clamperl)
    I agree. I can see it having either a) high attack, low special attack, high speed, poop defense, b) the same as before but with amazing defense because I think that chestnut hat will grow more spikes, or c) Infernape stats with more focus on attack.

    Going to bet it gets Spikes, Shell Smash, and Grass/Dark typing. That will be awesome.

    (gonna pick fennekin tho cuz im homo for fire types lul)
    bacon, Would you say that a theory that yields an infinite answer is not correct? Is that what happens when trying to combine Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity?

    About Pokemon Showdown, I made it onto the VGC 2013 ladder on Smogon; 93rd. I don't have any intention to ladder, but I just wanted to see my name and I did. ^.^ It's probably not there anymore.

    But even greater news than me seeing my name on a ladder board for the first time ever.

    Smogon's server now supports standard doubles(!). 6v6, all the competitive clauses, and an initial ban list that is reasonable. It looks like a group of Smogoners are trying to drum up support for standard doubles. Good luck to them. However, for the last few days the amount of standard double battlers has been reliable.

    I feel the current state of the game could yield the best doubles since gen 3. Team preview helps team building and battling so much. I have found all of my battles to be satisfying, even the ones where I lose from stupid crap. There's been a lot of switching, a lot of prediction, and even when it is clear you are going to lose, it's still fun. I haven't felt like there has been a battle yet I could not have won.

    Hopefully enough people play standard doubles. There's a thread about it on Smogon:

    I am not going to get my hopes up, but I think the few of us could have fun with this.
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