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  • How you doing man? Can we exchange friend safari code please. my =4141-4220-0193
    Hey, could you get on XY sometime? I guess I never registered that 3rd pokemon after I so stupidly restarted my game :p
    Frost Mage, Anoay, 4527 8199 0694 is my friendcode. I'll add you both now. xD Be sure to message me if I forget anything or if you wanna trade anything special o_O
    Anoay, Apparently you didn't add me, as it says here on my 3DS :L
    For anyone else, please private message me about thsoe things, I'm not too active on the forums xD
    Anoay, sorry for the delayed reply, but I'm current maxed out my friends list. If you take a look at my trade thread and propose a trade, I can put you at the top of the waiting list.
    Anoay, Oh ok. Be sure to do it several times and get a time of 1:30 or better XD.:) Use Big Shot Bags or Strengh Bags to do it XD.:)
    Anoay, Yeah same here but the repetitive tapping quickly makes me have seizures after about 5 minutes of doing it. If you have your mewtwo yoy could probably do it XD.:)
    Anoay, Are you good at Super Training? If so you need to do the Hydregion Balloon and there is one in Terminus Cave and one in Reflection cave. I already got those in my game so I cannot get more unless I trade for them.:)
    Anoay, Actually do you have a Moon Stone for trade? If I do Super Training too long it makes me prone to seizures. If you have one what do you want for it? Thanks XD. My 3DS FC is: 2509 1756 5373. Thanks XD.:)
    Hey wazup? Do you have time to help me evolve my Dusclops into Dusknoir? If you do my 3DS FC is: 2509 1756 5373. Thanks XD.:)

    EDIT: Sorry. Wrong Profile XD.:(
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