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Aug 4, 1999 (Age: 21)
USA, Massachusetts

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Miss the game, Male, 21, from USA, Massachusetts


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Nov 14, 2018
    1. RogueChomp
      [b]alex[/b], Yeah it is in DC it's great. I don't know about the deck. I need to worry about MY nats and worlds play first, but after that, if I have an extra, it's all yours.
    2. RogueChomp
      [b]alex[/b], Worlds is in Washington DC this year lmao
    3. RogueChomp
      [b]alex[/b], he did but he said he may go to Worlds, idk, hopefully.
    4. RogueChomp
      [b]alex[/b], no, blah still plays. Glace is going to worlds. We added a bunch new people to the skype like Lex, a person from WA, and Sam (Machamp the Champ).
    5. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      [b]alex[/b], Thanks, alex!
    6. PMJ
      I tested it; he's right.
    7. The Fire Wyrm
      The Fire Wyrm
      [b]alex[/b], yessir
    8. The Fire Wyrm
      The Fire Wyrm
      hey im on league, i sent you a friend request
    9. TheGuy

      That's too bad. I'm trying to get the few vets that are remaining to play.
    10. TheGuy
      You should join Challenge 5.
    11. Afro-G
      [b]alex[/b], "GabTheLacMan"
    12. Afro-G
      [b]alex[/b], Also I play League of Legends now, hehe.
    13. Afro-G
      Alex I love you!
    14. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      I don't like dead walls, so here's a post.
    15. TwistedTurtwig
      Please confirm in-thread that you gave received your role for Werewolf XX.
    16. Afro-G
      [b]alex[/b], I'm honestly not sure. That might be the start for some areas but I think there has been instances in the past where we start a week later. If it doesn't start that weekend then I assume it has to be the next. Hopefully they'll pick some good venues to kick things off.
    17. Afro-G
      [b]alex[/b], Good question. They haven't posted the dates, haha.
    18. Afro-G
      [b]alex[/b], I see no reason why you shouldn't if you think you're going to have fun. That's pretty much all that matters when we're talking about traveling locally at least. At first I was thinking there is a fee for entering, but then I remember that's for masters only. So really, if you have nothing better to do and just want to hang out and socialize, then a day of Pokemon should be able to provide you that.
    19. Afro-G
      [b]alex[/b], Alright cool, just try to let me know ahead of time if you do choose to go because Andy and I don't normally go to Comicazi every weekend like we used to. Also I don't want to promise you cards when we might not have everything, lol.
    20. RogueChomp
      [b]alex[/b], fair enough
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    Aug 4, 1999 (Age: 21)
    USA, Massachusetts
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    [5:31:23 PM] Blah: I'm not as think as you drunk I am

    [6:40:57 PM] Gabriel: I wish people were like me

    [5:55:21 PM] Sean: more consistent than your spelling nayways

    [1/7/2013 11:14:32 PM] The PDC Show: i would like to announce i am running for president of america
    [1/7/2013 11:14:36 PM] The PDC Show: as a black man this time

    [9:34:53 PM] Alex H: cool kid talk?
    [9:34:59 PM] Alex H: ok I'll kick garrett

    [11:51:11 AM] Gabriel: I was much too out of it to make a big deal out of losing cards
    [11:51:32 AM] Gabriel: It sucks, but I just look at it as a set back
    [11:51:51 AM] Gabriel: Something like that's not gonna stop me from continuing my quest to be Pokemon master

    [10:06:45 PM] Tsoliades: the screen won't take my money
    [10:06:59 PM] Garrett: try jabbing the screen with it
    [10:07:27 PM] Tsoliades: already tried that
    [10:07:40 PM] Tsoliades: maybe I should tighten the flux capacitor
    [10:07:50 PM] Garrett: insert the money in the cd drive
    [10:08:01 PM] Tsoliades: k
    [10:08:09 PM] Tsoliades: yep that worked

    [7:55:50 PM] Blah: we need to find some meme about revolutionary war
    [7:56:07 PM] Kennan Mell: england was just trying to make the colonies pay for their own defense
    [7:56:14 PM] Kennan Mell: and the colonies were like aww hell no
    [7:56:25 PM] Kennan Mell: just cuz i have to put AP history to use in some way

    [1:17:39 PM] Gabriel: The foe's Altaria used Outrage!
    Caterpie lost 69% of its health!
    Caterpie used Tackle!
    The foe's Altaria lost 0% of its health!
    The foe's Altaria fainted!
    Afro-G won the battle!
    [1:17:45 PM] Gabriel: ^.^
    [7:53:49 PM] Ky el ee: ....shoulda gone for string shot


    2012/2013 Season
    2011/2012 Season
    The best deck I have ever made
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