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  • alex, Understandable, I agree with that. Don't actually invest in the card game unless you know you're going to stick to it and it'll be worth the time and money. Andy has tried to get me to play other card games but I'm barely keeping up with Pokemon so it'd be pretty silly if I was devoting money and effort into other games on top of it.

    If you're interested in going to any tournaments let me know though. I'm sure Andy and I could get you access to a full deck if you just feel like having some on an upcomming weekend. Cities are starting late this month so everything's going to be fairly local for the next month or so.
    alex, Cool, sounds like a summer well spent for sure. Glad to know you've been keeping busy. Do you think you might actually be interested in playing again, if just even for a few months? I can tell you right now if it's not already obvious the format is still flooded with EXs and big basics everywhere. I still manage to have fun and I'm playing as regularly as always.
    alex, Team DBT, it's got me, Arjun, Alex Hedge although he quit, Lex, Garrett, Zach, and Kennan.
    alex, Uhmmm...I think what you mean to ask is "Are there any GOOD lock decks" and that would be a no. Gothitelle got reprinted in the last set but as of now I don't think it's viable at all, status lock in general is dead because of Virizion, and Hammers as all around mediocre matchups.

    I added you to my team on Skype btw, that's where I discuss most stuff.
    alex, Ahh, did you ever find another hobby/activity to fill the void of TCG? : P You're in high school now, right?
    alex, I've had my highs and lows but I'm doing pretty good currently. Yourself? Anything new with you?
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