“Night Wanderer” Secret Rare Cards and Pull Rates Revealed!

The secret rare cards from Night Wanderer are now being posted to social media by Japanese fans!

The set features 94 cards: 64 cards in the main set and 30 secret rares.

Night Wanderer will release in Japan on June 7th. Its cards will become part of our special Shrouded Fable set in August.

“Night Wanderer” Secret Rares

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Night Wanderer includes 12 Illustration Rares, 6 full art Pokemon ex, 4 full art Trainers, 4 Special Illustration Rare Pokemon, 1 Special Illustration Rare Trainers, and 3 gold cards.

“Night Wanderer” Pull Rates

Pokemon’s official booster box opening included 4 Double Rares, 3 Illustration Rares, 1 Secret Rare, and 1 ACE SPEC. This is the same as recent sets.