GameStop Posts First Graded Pokemon Cards for Sale: Most Are Fair Prices, But Some Double has started to sell some of the graded cards it purchased from customers! They will ship out on May 24th.

As of this posting there are only 36 Pokemon cards available for purchase. In the coming weeks many more will be added as stores ship them to GameStop’s headquarters for processing.

Are the prices worth it? It seems you will find every possible scenario.

Most cards are available for around fair market value, some at a discount, and some for wildly more than they should ever cost. I have gathered price data from recent auctions for comparison:

Card Language Grade Recent Auctions Gamestop Price
Charizard (Celebrations) English 10 $160 $167
Blastoise (Celebrations) English 10 $48 $50
Mew ex (Celebrations) English 10 $35 $35
Charizard ex (SVP 056) English 10 $39 $107
Jolteon V (SVP 183) English 9 $32 $45
Charmeleon (Paldean Fates, Shiny) English 10 $50 $95
M Lucario ex (#55a) English 9 $55 $36
Charizard VSTAR (SWSH 262) English 10 $125 $126
Metagross VMAX (Chilling Reign, Rainbow) English 10 $51 $50
Serena (Silver Tempest, FA) English 9 $21 $70
Regidrago V (Silver Tempest, Special FA) English 10 $48 $50
Glaceon V (Evolving Skies, Special FA) English 9 $83 $85
Irida (Crown Zenith) English 10 $35 $36
Charizard ex (Shiny Treasure, FA) Japanese 10 $41 $30
Glaceon (SV-P 069) Japanese 9 $26 $35
Regidrago V (Silver Tempest, Special FA) English 10 $48 $50
Judge (Lost Thunder, FA) English 10 $54 $85
Marnie (Sword & Shield, FA) English 9 $40 $99
Unown V (Silver Tempest, Special FA) English 10 $76 $126
Miriam (Scarlet & Violet, SIR) English 10 $90 $85
Furiosode Girl (Silver Tempest, FA) English 10 $34 $27
Giratina VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Gold) Japanese 10 $131 $320
Umbreon (Celebrations) English 10 $55 $52

If you’re interested in buying cards from GameStop, it’s best to check their value from different sources before purchasing. But you can definitely find some gems in GameStop’s listings!

Earlier this week we posted that GameStop was buying cards from customers at fair market value.

Since then, we have received multiple reports from customers with different experiences. Some cards received lowball offers, while others received at least 90% of their fair market value.

Currently it seems the value of GameStop’s offers vary wildly from card to card. GameStop may also be testing different price points. GameStop’s program is still in its infancy, so its overall consensus remains to be determined.