DeNA Developing “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Under Rebranded Pokemon Subsidiary with 50 Million Yen Capital

To promote the fact they’re developing Pokemon TCG Pocket, DeNA has announced it has renamed its Pokemon subsidiary from “DeNA Digital Production” to “Pokémon Card D Studio Co.”

The subsidiary was originally established in February 2020, just six months after the release of Pokemon Masters EX. It is a joint investment owned 66.6% by DeNA and 33.4% by The Pokemon Company. Its stated purpose is to promote collaboration between the two companies.

In their press release, DeNA states “Pokemon Card D Studio Co.” aims to leverage the experience gained from developing Pokemon Masters EX in order to provide “stable global services” for Pokemon TCG Pocket.

DeNA currently lists a 50 million yen capital for the subsidiary, or $317,000. For businesses, “capital” commonly refers to the money and assets a company possesses for its operations and projects.

Presumably renaming the subsidiary is a demonstration of DeNA’s commitment to Pokemon TCG Pocket. Since DeNA owns two-thirds of the subsidiary, they will be incentivized to support the app for years to come.

Currently there is no specific release date for Pokemon TCG Pocket. It will release in “2024.”

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