Oversized Iron Crown ex Releasing for “Temporal Forces” Store Promotions in Europe!

Starting this weekend, an oversized version of Iron Crown ex will be given out at participating stores in Europe to celebrate the release of Temporal Forces. It will come with a Temporal Forces stamp. Customers will have to spend 25 euros or more on Pokemon TCG products to receive it.

As posted before, participating stores will also give out galaxy holofoil versions of Koraidon and Miraidon. They will also come with Temporal Forces stamps. Customers can get one when spending 20 euros on Pokemon TCG products.

Koraidon will come with different stamps in the U.S. and other regions.

Europe always gets oversized promos for their set releases. While Pokemon.com has not acknowledged this specific promotion yet, this is their list of retailers that have offered them before:

Country/Region Retailer
United Kingdom and Ireland GAME & GameStop
France Smyths Toys
Italy Autogrill, Mondadori, Prenatal, Mediaworld
Germany Duo
Netherlands Intertoys
Nordics Hobby channel
Czech Republic Smarty

Here is their official list of retailers offering the Koraidon and Miraidon:

Country/Region Retailer Pokémon Start
United Kingdom WHSmith High Street Stores Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
France King Jouet Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
Italy GameStop Koraidon 3/22/2024
Italy Games Academy, Gamelife, Mornati Paglia, Starshop, Mondadori Miraidon 3/22/2024
Germany hobby shops Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
Spain Toys”R”Us Koraidon 3/22/2024
Spain hobby shops Miraidon 3/22/2024
Netherlands Game Mania Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
Nordics Lehtipiste, P- Kiosk, and hobby shops Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
Switzerland hobby shops Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
Belgium hobby shops Koraidon and Miraidon 3/22/2024
Portugal Fnac Koraidon 3/22/2024
Portugal El Corte Inglés Miraidon 3/22/2024

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