Creatures’s Textless Pokemon TCG Illustrations for March!

Creatures posts daily Pokemon TCG illustrations to their Instagram account “Poke_Ca_Artlife,” as as we’ve reported many times. They often feature illustrations without card text.

March’s posts feature cards from Crimson Haze, Temporal Forces, Battle Academy, and cards themed after the spring. Which are your favorite?

What's with the 's where it says Trainer on Irida and Adaman
In Japan they're called "Trainer's" instead of "Trainers." So Trainer's Item, Trainer's Supporter, Trainer's Stadium, and Trainer's Tool.

EDIT: Unless you meant why they're showing on those images. I guess they forgot to turn that layer off when exporting.
And people wonder why I'm so keen on collecting the FA/SAR Supporters... THERE'S your answer, among many other possible answers!
The fact that the borders still remain on these posts will always hurt my soul. Can't go wrong with any of the artworks though! Wish I could collect them all without having to pay "plenty" haha..