“Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” Secret Rares Revealed!

The secret rare cards from Wild Force & Cyber Judge are now being posted to social media by Japanese fans! The set releases in Japan on January 26th.

The cards from these sets are expected to become part of our Temporal Forces set on March 22nd (with the exception of the Illustration Rares of Flutter Mane and Iron Thorns that will be released as promo cards in our Elite Trainer Boxes).

Be sure to keep checking back here for new cards and follow us on Twitter for updates! We will continue to update this story throughout the coming days.

“Wild Force” Secret Rare Cards

This set has a minor Johto theme with Morty, Gengar, and the Paradox Pokemon based on the Legendary Beasts.

“Cyber Judge” Secret Rare Cards

This set has a minor Unova theme with Bianca, Sawsbuck, Excadrill, and the Paradox Pokemon based on the Swords of Justice.

Alex Hesketh

Aspiring Trainer
There is still a chance for Girafarig Mawile and Meditite


Aspiring Trainer
Dang, a little unfortunate that Incineroar didn't get an alt art of some sort

For now I just gotta hold on to the Tranquil AR dream


Aspiring Trainer
#78, #79 and #80 from Cyber Judge have the potential to be the full beldum line, and I hope it's them so much
Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's highly unlikely given that Wild Force doesn't have a 3 stage storyline and they keep dual sets pretty synchronised. Decent chance Metang could get an AR though, since it's got a good ability.
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