Van Gogh Pikachu Promo Releasing Again in February, Prices Dipping!

We can reveal the “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat” promo will be releasing in the Netherlands next month!

Pokemon’s official distributors have contacted local gaming stores and told them they will each get 100 copies of the promo to distribute to customers. Stores can only give the cards to customers who spend at least 30 euros on Pokemon TCG merchandise. No public announcement has been made yet. The promotion is expected to start mid-February.

The news quietly broke among private European groups over the last several hours, causing the price of the promo to dip. Some are trying to sell their stash before the price drops further. The graph below comes from the card’s listing on Cardmarket, which is the “European version” of TCGplayer. No such dip has occurred on TCGplayer yet.

After Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum cancelled their promo distribution last year, TPCi promised they would offer retailers in the Netherlands a new way to get the promo in early 2024.

The card was famously scalped to death at the museum, forcing it to implement limitations before ultimately cancelling the promotion due to scalpers. Then the promo was only available for about three hours on