“Paldean Fates” Pull Rates Revealed!

Our friends at TCGplayer have posted their pull rate findings for Paldean Fates. It’s based on a sample size of 1,500 packs.

  • Shiny Rare: 1/4 packs
  • Shiny Ultra Rare (Full Art): 1/13 packs
  • Illustration Rare: 1/14 packs
  • Ultra Rare (Full Art): 1/15 packs
  • Special Illustration Rare: 1/58 packs
  • Gold Hyper Rare: 1/62 packs

The Shiny Rare Pokemon (“Baby Shinies”) are the most common cards to pull at about 1 out of 4 packs.

The full arts, shiny full arts, and Illustration Rares have similar pull rates at about 1 out of 15 packs.

The Special Illustration Rares and gold Hyper Rares are the rarest, at about 1 out of every 60 packs.

This information has been added to our Paldean Fates set guide.