New “Knock Out Collection” Featuring Special Print of Iron Jugulis!

A new “Knock Out Collection” featuring a galaxy foil version of Iron Jugulis is now in the wild! It was just listed on the U.K. Pokemon Center website (but not the U.S. website yet).

This will be the third Paradox Pokemon available as a galaxy holofoil print, following the release of Brute Bonnet and Iron Moth in the Roaring Moon ex and Iron Valiant ex Boxes. The holofoil purposefully bleeds into the rocky and pixely backgrounds of the Ancient and Future card templates.

The collection will also comes with two booster packs, a sticker sheet, and a code card. It should retail for $9.99.

You can find these Knock Out Collections at stores like Walgreens.

In the past these collections have always come with three promos, but this time there is only one. It’s unclear if this will become the new trend going forward.