More “Paldean Fates” Cards Revealed, Including Moonlit Hill!

TPCi has officially revealed more cards from our special Paldean Fates set! Its products will release on January 26th, February 9th, and February 23rd.

Moonlit Hill was originally a Gym promo that released in Japan last July.

The following cards were previously revealed:


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why is it called crisis punch? aint no way bro has a long enough reach to punch the bench. crisis shot is a way better name
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We now know that either Bellibolt or Cleffa will be cut from the set as Natu is 25 and Frigibax is 17, but there are eight cards to be sorted out on the partial set list created by @dineinunes on this forum.


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But it only hits the Active?
Dabfamlet is likely thinking about Jet Punch and is questioning why it was named similarly to an attack that also hits the bench.

To be fair, no attack with Punch in its name (Special Punch included) functions quite like the attack on this TM."punch"++text:"prize"

Granted, the same could be said of attacks with “Shot” in their names—"shot"++text:"prize"

—but I don’t think Dabfamlet was thinking about it quite that deeply.