“Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge” Sets Officially Revealed, Feature Return of ACE SPEC Cards!

Wild Force & Cyber Judge have just been officially revealed at Japan’s Champion’s League Kyoto!

The sets will release in Japan on January 26th. We first discovered their trademarks eight months ago.

Each set will feature 71 cards before secret rares. As we predicted, they will be headlined by Walking Wake ex and Iron Leaves ex (the Paradox Pokemon based on Suicune and Virizion, respectively).

The sets will also feature their other trio members as Pokemon ex. They just debuted in The Indigo Disk on December 14th. This is a relatively fast turnaround to see new Pokemon turned into cards.

These sets will reintroduce the ACE SPEC mechanic to the Pokemon TCG. ACE SPEC cards were powerful Item cards, so you couldn’t have more than one in a deck. The announcement of their return was made at Worlds in August.

However, this time ACE SPEC cards can also be Special Energy! Otherwise they work the same way as before.

The new ACE SPEC cards will feature a new style of holofoil as well as pink backgrounds.

ACE SPEC cards were first introduced in 2012’s Black & White: Boundaries Crossed. They ran for four sets until 2013’s Plasma Blast. Only 13 of them released.

These sets will be the first to feature the “H” regulation mark. Japan’s next rotation will go into effect the day these sets release. All “E” cards will rotate out and only “F,” “G,” and “H” cards will be legal.

As posted before, two “Starter Deck & Build Sets” will also release alongside these sets featuring a new Koraidon ex (Ancient) and Miraidon ex (Future). No official announcement has been made about them yet.

The cards from these releases should become part of our English Temporal Forces set in March.

More cards from these sets will be revealed tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks goes to JustInBasil for the translations!

Neo Upper Energy – Special Energy (ACE SPEC)

As long as this card is attached to a Pokémon, it provides [C] Energy.

As long as this card is attached to a Stage 2 Pokémon, this card provides every type of Energy but provides only 2 Energy at a time.

ACE SPEC: You can’t have more than 1 ACE SPEC card in your deck.

Prime Catcher – Trainer

Switch in 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon to the Active Spot. If you do, switch your Active Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn.

ACE SPEC: You can’t have more than 1 ACE SPEC card in your deck.

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Prime Catcher's extremely nice, especially considering the amount of decks that ran 4 cross-switchers. It's a good candidate for the 'default' Ace Spec card, like how most decks run Radiant Greninja, at least until something busted is revealed (computer search or dowsing machine, for example)


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Lol. “Powerful” cards: In other words – double rainbow energy for only a stage 2 which could be easily removed with hammers or other possible way and an Item-version of Guzma. “Powerful” would it become, when: 1) the ace-spec energy couldn't be removed the classical way and/or would it be double rainbow without drawback (so for ALL Pokémon, not just stage 2's which aren't played much, at least not, if the stage 2 isn't ex) and 2) the item-Guzma could have another additional effect; e.g. card drawer or sth like that.


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Neo Upper Energy just isn't good to be honest. At least in what is in the current format, and I'm sure it will change, the only Stage 2's in the meta are Charizard ex and Gardevoir ex, both of which can easily accelerate energy to itself. It might be good in off-meta decks, but nothing that would make a big run in a major tournament.

Prime Catcher is showing another way to make gust effects balanced outside of supporters, and as someone who loves gust effects, until we see what else we get as far as ace specs go, this is the one most, if not, all decks should play.


Oh no no no no. Ohhhhh no. Card Labs, what have you done?

I don't care that it's an Ace Spec, the fact that you have Guzma on an item is ABSURD. That's the biggest mistake they've made in a very long time and the game's going to be worse off for it.


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Prime catcher :D I love that card very much. That special energy kind of useless for now. there is no many good stage 2 exs except Gardevoir ex or Charizard ex but they can easy charge their energies on their own. I doubt Garde ex dies even when lose so much. it just will be different deck after rotation. as long as she has Kirlia from Silver Tempest she stays playable


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I'm trying to judge this Item Guzma objectively. We've been playing Lysandre + Shaymin, Guzma + Tapu Lele, Boss's Orders + Crobat for almost a decade now. We finally don't have an overly broken, overly generic two-prizer that circumvents the Supporter rule by drawing you a full hand. Prime Catcher says that you get to have this type of play - once.
I think it's really strong and it's going to be hard to print an Ace Spec that can rival it (and should they?), but I don't think its reaching new heights of broken.
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They really started out with a contender against running Computer Search in every deck lol

God prime catcher is busted, but it does make me hope for potential counters. Basics saying they're unaffected by items, can't be switched in, unaffacted by abilities (bc how da hell do you expect to use Neo Upper if valiant snipes ur guys), etc.


Oh no! Rotation in sight
The most exciting news is the introduction of the new H block. Keeping my eyes peeled if they decide to revert the powercreep and not print any ridiculous acceleration.

But I'm hoping too so maybe I'm a fool too? ;)


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Regardless of whether or not we get Ace Specs that can keep up with Prime Catcher, Prime Catcher is already to be printed and that impact cannot be undone.