Pikachu Promo #101 Releasing at Pokemon Leagues!

TPCi has announced the new Pikachu promo (SVP #101) will be given out at participating Pokemon Leagues in November!

The card will be given out to TCG players at the discretion of each Pokemon League. The promo will be available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis.

Players will also receive a PTCG Live code that unlocks the digital versions of the card, a digital deck box, and digital card sleeves. The accessories will be themed after Play! Pokemon.

The Pikachu card is illustrated by Jiro Sasumo, the winner of the 2020 Pokemon Illustration Contest. The artwork shows the reverse angle of his Charizard that won the contest. (Though it didn’t originally reveal who Charizard was battling.)

The Pikachu promo was first released in several Asian countries in August to commemorate Worlds 2023. It then released in English with a “Asia Championships 2023” stamp to commemorate that event in participating countries. The card is currently being distributed as a participation prize at Gym events in Japan, though without a stamp.