“Crimson Haze,” “Night Wanderer,” “Mask of Change” Set Names Trademarked for the TCG!

Three new trademarks have been filed by Pokemon: Crimson Haze (クリムゾンヘイズ, Night Wanderer (ナイトワンダラー), and Mask of Change (変訪の仮面). They’re under the same terms as trademarks consistently used for set names in the past.

Mask of Change seems to be a reference to Ogerpon, the mascot of The Teal Mask. At this time we’re not sure what the other two set names could be referring to.

It’s likely two of the sets will release together while the third will be a subset.

We usually discover trademarks around six months before they go into use. These should release in early 2024.

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