Tinkaton Gamestop Promo for “Paldea Evolved!”

We’ve learned Gamestop will be giving away a Tinkaton promo for Paldea Evolved! The promotion will start June 9th, the day the set releases in stores.

Update: According to TPCi, the promotion actually starts June 23rd this time. This is the first time the promotion is officially starting later than the set’s release.

If it’s like the Lechonk promo for Scarlet & Violet, it’ll simply be a reverse holo card with a Gamestop stamp in the corner. But that remains to be seen; we’ll get a photo of the card closer to the promotion.

The promo will be given away to a customer when making $15 worth of Pokemon TCG purchases.

You can check out our Paldea Evolved set guide for the set list, products, and other information.