Deck Lists, Promos, and Contents Revealed for “Zeraora / Deoxys V Battle Decks”

The deck lists have now been revealed for the V Battle Decks featuring Deoxys V and Zeroara V!

The bundled version will come with eight more Trainers, including two holo Professor’s Research (Professor Rowan).

Here are the other contents of the bundled version:

As usual, each V Battle Deck will be available individually for $14.99 and in a bundled version for $29.99. All three products will release on October 14th.


Like all V Battle Decks, each 60-card deck will come with one copy of its Pokemon V, a rules booklet, a 1-player playmat, damage counters, a large metallic coin, a deck box, a quick guide, and a code card. And as already stated, the bundled version comes with eight additional Trainer cards.