Hisuian Zoroark Promo Giveaway at GameStop!

We now have an early look at the Hisuian Zoroark promo that will be given away at GameStop stores!

As we reported back in August, GameStop will be giving away the card to celebrate the release of Lost Origin. The promotion begins September 9th when the set officially releases. You will receive the promo when making purchases of $15 or more.

The promo sees the return of the GameStop logo in the corner of the artwork (Hisuian Typhlosion’s featured the set logo). This is the only distinction between the promo and its in-set print. Sadly, the promo isn’t printed on galaxy holofoil paper to better distinguish it from the set version. It seems this will be the case for GameStop promos from now on.

Thanks goes to GeeZus for the photo!

You can view the English set list for Lost Origin here.