All 30 Pokemon “Trick or Trade” Halloween Cards!

The Pokemon TCG Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle has been spotted early at some retailers in the United States, including Kohl’s and Kroger.

The set includes 30 cards. All of them are reprints. However, they feature a special Pikachu pumpkin stamp in the corner of the artwork.

Ten of the cards are holo: Gengar, Mewtwo, Mismagius, Dusknoir, Darkrai, Chandelure, Trevenant, Gorgeist, Mimikyu, and Hatterene.

You can complete the set with just half a bag to a full bag. Darkrai appears to be the hardest card to pull, with one or two in every bag. Chandelure appears to be the next rarest, with about two in every bag. The most common holos appear to be Dusknoir, Mismagius, and Gorgeist. This is from a sample size of five bags (200 packs), so it may not represent everyone’s pull rates. Thanks goes to @bigorangetcg for sending us his photos!

As posted before, the “Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle” costs $14.99 and includes 40 mini booster packs containing 3 cards each. Every booster pack comes with one holo card. They will release at retailers, grocery stores, and the Pokemon Center by September 5th.