Special Delivery Charizard Promo Finally Releasing at Pokemon Center!

After almost two years, the Special Delivery Charizard promo is finally going to release in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada!

The Pokemon Center has launched a registration page where you can submit your name and address to receive a one-time use code. The code can only be used with an eligible purchase totaling $20 USD (before taxes), $20 CAD (excluding GST), or £20 GBP (inclusive of VAT). The code will expire on December 31st, 2022.

The promo is releasing at all of TPCi’s Pokemon Centers to celebrate the full launch of the UK’s Pokemon Center. As of posting codes have not been sent out yet. It could be a few months before we see them.

Special Delivery Charizard promo was officially revealed by Pokemon in November 2020, but news about its release never surfaced. Two copies of the card then accidentally leaked via Pokemon Center shipments in June 2021.

It’s likely the promo was delayed due to the pandemic. With the timing of its original reveal, it’s possible TPCi originally intended to release it toward the end of 2020. But this was around the time the TCG started to boom, the Pokemon Center website was getting pounded by traffic, and supply chain issues were starting. You can also tell the promo was severely delayed due to its numbering — #SWSH075 — when we’re up to #SWSH250 now.