Special Delivery Charizard Promos Accidentally Released!

A Special Delivery Charizard promo was officially revealed by Pokemon last November, but news about its release never surfaced. Most of us assumed it would be released as a freebie with Pokemon Center purchases like Special Delivery Pikachu.

Two copies of the card were just posted to Mercari, a marketplace website. We can confirm they are legitimate.

We can also confirm the cards were accidentally sent out via shipments from the U.S. Pokemon Center store. The copies above were not the only copies released; we received limited reports of accidental shipments last month. Consequently, this may indicate the card is coming soon. (Or maybe Johnny Employee finally snapped and decided to free the Charizards.)

This news of course means the promo has already been printed and is now in the hands of the Pokemon Center packaging center. This doesn’t come as a shock since the card was revealed seven months ago.

It’s clear the card was purposefully withheld since it’s promo #75, we’re already on #121, and its copyright year is 2020. Pokemon doesn’t reveal cards they don’t intend to release. Special Delivery Pikachu was extremely popular, so Charizard may have been withheld due to the ongoing scalping situation. We don’t know.

Perhaps with these leaks we’ll find out about its release soon. Stay tuned! ;)