Calamity Case from ‘Dark Phantasma’

Calamity Case has been revealed from the Japanese set Dark Phantasma, which will release in Japan on May 13th. We expect these cards to become part of our August set, Lost Origin!

Calamity Case – Trainer

Attach a Pokemon Tool to 1 of your Pokemon that doesn’t already have a Pokemon Tool attached.

If the Pokemon V this card is attached to had full HP and is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent’s attack, put 8 damage counters on the Attacking Pokemon.

You may play any number of Item cards during your turn.

Not bad in practice, but I don't know how much use it'll see. Could be cute to slap onto your Crobat V or Lumineon V which will usually die in a hit from anything, and make them less appealing Boss targets lest the opponent is willing to get their Vstars and Vmaxes into easier OHKO range for your next turn or even KO low HP attackers like single strike Morpeko... maybe you can use it to set up Jolteon VMAX with the aforementioned Pokemon V, at least after Shady Dealings and Headbutt Tantrum Zigzagoon rotate.
This will be great in honchcrow and in single prize decks. And the name is awesome as an added bonus.
Love it, they print a single-prize Clefairy that can burst down a VMAX and simultaneously print a Tool that lets you KO that Clefairy in return.
Clefairy can ohko VMAX Pokemon???? I'm not attaching 15-17 energy lol.

Cool card though, first though was with Honchkrow V. Pretty memey but can even OHKO. a VMAX with 4 attached and that's hilarious. Having to have full HP really blows though and imo hurts this card pretty hard unless we get more good healing stuff.
You could put this tool on Zarude V. You do 240 with Jungle Rage, and then if your opponent 1-shots you, that goes up to 320 damage.