Arceus VSTAR / Inteleon — My Safe Choice

Hello to all PokeBeach readers! Here’s Gabriel again with another Pokemon TCG article. This time, I’m going to reveal another of my top options for playing the Sao Paulo Regionals, Arceus VSTAR with Inteleon.

Recently we had the Brisbane Regionals in Australia and in that tournament it was possible to observe the supremacy of Mew VMAX in the metagame, with seven appearances in the Top 16, four appearances in the Top 8 and finally Natalie Millar winning the tournament with the deck. In this tournament, a new list of Mew VMAX was also presented to the world, which was used by the champion and several other players. The new Mew VMAX deck list stands out for not playing Basic Psychic Energy and Fog Crystal, replaced with more copies of Double Turbo Energy, Rotom Phone, and one copy of Echoing Horn.

The most impressive of all is not the high number of Mew VMAX in the Top 8 as this was expected, but the amount of different matchups and all of them considered bad in theory that these Mew VMAX players managed to win. The matchup that most caught my attention was the Grand Finals of the Brisbane Regionals, Natalie Millar with Mew VMAX against Louis Pozzacchio using Arceus VSTAR / Duraludon VMAX. The key thing to note was that the Mew VMAX list uses only Special Energy, while Duraludon VMAX has an Ability that prevents damage from Pokemon with Special Energy attched. In the end, this matchup can be won by Mew VMAX with good pressure from the beginning of the game to knock out two Pokemon V followed by the use of the Echoing Horn to knock out the third Pokemon V, without having to worry about knocking out Duraludon VMAX.

With all this in mind, it’s possible to say that nothing can beat Mew VMAX safely, because it’s a practically perfect deck. It is a deck that can deal an average of 230 damage from the first turn, not to mention the consistency and the many other play possibilities the deck offers. But I think there are other decks that can really go head-to-head with Mew VMAX. One of them is the Gengar VMAX that I wrote in the last article (if you haven’t read it, I think it’s good to check it out after reading this one) and the other is Arceus VSTAR / Inteleon.

Arceus VSTAR with Inteleon is a well-known deck in online tournaments and has had two appearances in Brisbane’s Top 16, one of them in the Top 8. I believe the deck will appear more and more, as it has a good, well-balanced matchup against Mew VMAX and can go toe-to-toe against virtually every other deck in the metagame. Another advantage I see with Arceus VSTAR is that, despite being strong and popular, the metagame’s attention is more focused on Mew VMAX than on Arceus VSTAR itself, even though there are several Fighting-type techs out there such as Galarian Zapdos V.

Supporter Pokemon Partners For Arceus VSTAR

Before I start analyzing today’s list, I want to talk about an interesting topic about Arceus VSTAR, which is a brief analysis of some Pokemon options that provide consistency to the deck, such as Inteleon, Bibarel, Cinccino, or simply Mew from Celebrations. I see that some players have doubts about what would be the best combination for Arceus VSTAR, but in the end it all depends on your goal.


If you intend to play with only Arceus VSTAR as the sole attacking Pokemon, then my suggestion is to combine it with Inteleon. This is because despite needing more space in the deck, you gain a higher consistency power than the other two options listed below throughout the game. Inteleon’s biggest problem is the first turn of the game, as it is not always possible to get a satisfactory setup. Arceus VSTAR lists play only a few Basic Pokemon — only four Arceus V, four Sobble, and one Dunsparce. To compensate for this weakness, it is necessary to add more options to search for Basic Pokemon. In the deck that will be analyzed today, I made a point of having twelve Basic Pokemon search options — four Quick Ball, four Level Ball, two Ultra Ball, and two Capture Energy. More about that below.

It is also worth remembering that Inteleon SSH is a great attacker for the deck, mainly because it is a single-Prize Pokemon.

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