‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

A surprise announcement!

Creatures and Niantic have teamed up to create a special Pokemon GO TCG set! It will release in Japan on June 17th and internationally “this summer.”

Each booster pack will contain 6 cards in Japan and 10 cards in America.

It seems the star Pokemon will be a Mewtwo V or VSTAR card. The pack art shows a few Pokemon that will appear in the set, like Pikachu, Gyarados, Blissey, Larvitar, Aipom, and Conkeldurr. Professor Willow should also be included.

We previously announced we were getting a special set in America this June, which we noted was an unusual release month. This may be because we’re still getting our annual “holiday” set later in the year, thus allowing some breathing room between this Pokemon GO set and that presumptive set.

In Japan the set will be labeled S10b. Each booster pack will cost 260 yen.

No other details or cards have been revealed yet.