Exodia in Pokémon – Taking All Six Prizes Without a Knock Out!

Hello everyone! This is Grant Manley back again with one of the coolest decks I’ve ever made in my 10-plus-year-long history in the game. I know I just wrote about Expanded, so I was originally planning to go back to Standard, but this deck is just too insane to pass up. Recently, I saw my friend Chip work on an interesting Zacian V deck in Expanded, one that included Jirachi Prism Star and Greedy Dice as a cheeky way to take extra Prize cards. Zacian’s Brave Blade can easily take out any Pokemon worth two or fewer Prize cards, so the idea was that with just one or two attacks, you could close out the game.

Peonia is a Supporter card with the potential to breathe life into sneaky cards like Jirachi Prism Star and Greedy Dice, as well as Dream Ball (which I’ve written about before). Thanks to Peonia, these incredibly strong cards, which normally could never be used, are now playable and consistent.

When I saw the Peonia / Greedy Dice combo in action, it immediately set the gears turning in my brain. Was Zacian the optimal attacker? Was there a consistent way to use Greedy Dice, or even multiple copies of it in a turn? I was thinking hard about whether there was a way to reliably take all six Prizes at once.

So far, I’ve come up with just one solution to this puzzle, and it’s pretty complex. The good news is yes, there is a way to set up your board so that you can take six Prizes in one turn! It involves taking zero Knock Outs on your opponent’s Pokemon. And even better, it’s possible to do it consistently.

The Combo

In order to set up the Exodia combo, you must use Peonia twice. Into your Prizes you must put Jirachi Prism Star, Dream Ball, and two Greedy Dice. It doesn’t really matter what order you put them in, but it’s extremely important that you remember their exact locations. The rest of the setup simply involves accumulating the right cards in your hand. Once you’ve done that, you activate the one turn combo and win the game. Milotic and Steven's Resolve make sure you’re able to do this, but we’ll get into the specifics of the list shortly.

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