More “Brilliant Stars” English Cards Revealed, Including Character Super Rares! has posted a couple more Brilliant Stars English cards ahead of its February 25th release date!

Update (9:00 AM): Several more cards have been revealed via IGN and The Gamer!

This is the first time we’re seeing official reveals of cards from the “Trainer Gallery” subset. They are numbered #TG01 through #TG30. As posted months ago, the subset will contain about half of the Character Rares and Character Super Rares from Japan’s VMAX Climax.

You can see the Japanese Character Rares here. We’ll get the rest of them in subsequent sets this year.

The following English cards were previously revealed:

Brilliant Stars will be a combination of cards from VMAX Climax and Star Birth.

You can see all the Brilliant Stars products in this news story. The prerelease promos were revealed here.