New ‘Pikachu V Box’ in February!

We’ve learned a new “Pikachu V Box” will release in America and Europe on February 11th. It’ll cost $19.99.

Like all V Boxes, it’ll come with a promo card, jumbo card, and four booster packs.

The box itself hasn’t been revealed yet, but PTCGO recently revealed the Pikachu V promo. It’s SWSH198.

This Pikachu V comes from Start Deck 100. Those decks have 35 brand new cards, 19 alternate art reprints, and 10 secret rares. So it seems TPCi will release some of the notable cards as promos and throw the rest into a future set.


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Hmm, so this is how they'll release it?
Maybe it's time to finally deliver a reprint set? Guaranteed V per pack, just like in Japan, but with mostly reprints.