More Images of ‘Pokemon TCG: Stacking Tins’ Revealed!

We’ve received more images of the Pokemon TCG “Stacking Tins,” revealing additional Pokemon artwork they will feature.

The Grass-type tin will feature Decidueye, Eldegoss, Meganium, and Whimsicott, the Water-type tin will feature Wishiwashi, Chewtle, Lapras, and Marill, and the Lightning-type tin will feature Electivire, Yamper, Manectric, and Pikachu.


As posted before, these tins will release on February 25th for $12.99. Each will come with three booster packs and a coin.  Their dimensions are 4.8″ high and 3.9″ wide. The tins are named after their types, so presumably we’ll see new types release every quarter.

We haven’t seen rectangular tins in a long time. Past versions were taller and narrower. In recent years they also didn’t stack.