‘Fusion Strike’ Prereleases and Build & Battle Boxes Delayed Worldwide

In an e-mail to stores today, The Pokemon Company announced Fusion Strike prereleases have been delayed until November 6th through 14th. This is due to global shipping constraints affecting product availability. Originally, they were to take place from October 30th to November 7th.

This means you won’t be able to pick up a Build & Battle Kit until November 6th. This announcement applies worldwide.

These will be the first products to feature code cards for Pokemon TCG Live.

Official prerelease events cannot be held at this time due to coronavirus, but Pokemon is allowing stores to decide if they want to run unofficial tournaments following local health guidelines. If tournaments are held, stores must inform players that they’re not official events and not how Pokemon events are normally run. In other words, TPCi doesn’t support them.

The Build & Battle Kits will come with promos of Oricorio (SWSH168), Pyukumuku (SWSH169), Deoxys (SWSH170), and Latias (SWSH171).

The official release date of the set has not changed — it’s still Friday, November 12th.

You can see all the Fusion Strike products here.