Photos of 25th Anniversary Golden Box!

The 25th Anniversary Golden Box was just displayed at the Japan Championships 2021 tournament!

As posted before, it will release in Japan on October 22nd for 17,600 yen. It will contain…

  • A gold Poke Ball card
  • A gold Pikachu V card
  • A 60 card deck that’s completely holo
  • A set of 64 “premium gloss” card sleeves
  • A foil stamped rubber playmat
  • Metal dice and condition markers
  • A synthetic leather deck case
  • A synthetic leather playmat case
  • A synthetic leather dice case
  • A Pokemon coin
  • 5 of the 25th anniversary promo packs

As previously announced, it will feature four Pikachu reprints. The gold Pikachu V is an alternate art reprint of the new Pikachu V from the main 25th Anniversary Collection set.

We will get the gold Pikachu V and Poke Ball in our Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection on October 22nd.