Larger, Exclusive ‘Chilling Reign’ Elite Trainer Boxes Releasing at Pokemon Center!

The official Pokemon Center website now lists two exclusive versions of the Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Boxes for pre-order!

Unlike the normal versions, they come with metal damage-counter dice (instead of acrylic), a metal coin (instead of a coin-flip die), and two additional Chilling Reign booster packs (for a total of ten packs). They cost $49.99, which is $10 more than the normal versions.

There is a purchase limit of ten per customer. Perhaps we’ll see more of these “Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes” for future sets!

These are the normal Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Boxes, which only come with eight packs and cost $39.99. These will be sold in stores.


The Pokemon Center versions and regular versions are the exact same dimensions and weight.